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With the increasing NHS Waiting Lists and fully booked training sessions, we have developed an Autism Diagnostic Observation schedule 2nd Edition (ADOS-2) training course that has open slots throughout 2024!

Why Archer?

We work with various clinics across the UK.

We have been working with private clinics across the United Kingdom to support with their increas

What is ADOS-2?

The "Gold Standard" for autism assessments

ADOS-2 is used for assessing and diagnosing autism across all ages, developmental levels, and language skills. It is one part of the diagnostic process based on the DSM-5 or ICD-11 diagnostic criteria for autism and has been referred to as the gold standard observational assessment for autism (Kanne, Randolph, & Farmer, 2008)

What does ADOS-2 training involve?

The Training

Across the span of two days, our face-to-face training covers the relevant ADOS-2 modules to provide you with a certification that you have completed your ADOS-2 training course.


A week before the course, you will receive material such as reading, videos and anonymised ADOS reports

Modules 1-4

We will prove four modules, including all of the videos, tasks and information packs to help with learning.

Watching & Coding

In our group setting, we will watch and code videos of different modules. Helping you to become proficient within coding.

Calculating Reliability

Everyone in ADOS-2 has to aim for 80% reliability in their coding. We will discuss and learn how to calculate reliability

ADOS-2 Development

We cover using the ADOS-2 in different settings, developing your skills as an ADOS practitioner and attending reliability meetings.


We will share post-course videos to code independently. With individualised feedback provided to help further develop.

Our Courses

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All of our courses are delivered face-to-face, currently based in Bloomsbury, London. The courses last for to days from 9am to 5pm. Food and drink is provided on the day.

Upon successful completion of the ADOS-2 training course, participants will be eligible to participate in our Remote Supervision program for a period of up to one year following the course date. Supervision will be provided at your leisure to answer or help with any development.

Please see below for commonly asked questions and our contact details for any further questions.


We are available on email to answer any queries. Don't hesitate to email us at the below mail

We are more than happy to discuss our training on the phone. Please call, or text us on

+44 7951 221844

Choose your session

Our two-day training course runs at a fixed price of £1,000. If you are interested, please fill in the below with your interested date and contact details.


Common questions answered

We have compliled a list of commonly asked questions about the ADOS-2 training course below.

Who can attend the ADOS-2 Training?

To join this course, participants should possess at least an undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline, such as psychology, education, or a related field. Additionally, they must have some prior experience with autism, such as relevant work experience. Our program is designed for a wide range of professionals, including psychologists, psychiatrists, paediatricians, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, social workers, nurses, psychotherapists, researchers, and education specialists. If you have any questions about meeting the course's eligibility criteria, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

Does it matter if I have not seen an ADOS-2 assessment?

It's not mandatory to have prior experience with ADOS-2 assessments, but it can be beneficial. The 2-day course is packed with information, and if you've seen an ADOS-2 assessment before, it can provide useful context for understanding the material. We strongly suggest watching an ADOS-2 assessment if possible to enhance your learning experience during the course. However, if you can't do that, don't worry. We provide access to specific segments of an ADOS-2 assessment for you to review before the course starts, which can help you prepare. You'll also have limited access to this content after the training to reinforce your learning.

Can I start administering the ADOS-2 straight away after training?

Upon completing the ADOS-2 training, all participants must undertake a post-course accreditation exercise, as outlined in the training program details. The course serves as an introduction to the ADOS-2, but much like learning to drive, practitioners need hands-on practice to build confidence in using the assessment and coding it accurately during live sessions. To strengthen your skills, it's recommended that you shadow experienced colleagues and conduct a few practice assessments before applying the tool in clinical or research settings.

Administrators are considered proficient in their coding when they consistently reach at least 80% agreement with consensus scores. Failure to meet this reliability threshold can compromise the validity of the assessment tool. A proven technique to enhance your expertise with the ADOS-2 is to record your assessments, review them later, and seek feedback from a trainer or a qualified clinician/researcher who consistently meets the 80% reliability standard, as defined by international calibration guidelines. This approach allows for valuable learning opportunities and helps you maintain high standards in ADOS-2 coding and assessment.

Can I diagnose autism after this training?

NHS England specifies that autism assessments must be conducted by a multi-disciplinary team, with diagnosis provided by a health professional trained in differential diagnosis, such as a psychiatrist, paediatrician, or clinical psychologist. In practice, however, other professionals frequently play key roles in the assessment process, including conducting the ADOS-2 or ADI-R evaluations. Best clinical practice recommends involving at least two professionals in the diagnostic process to ensure comprehensive evaluation and minimise bias.

The health professional who delivers the diagnosis must be properly trained to determine whether the clinical presentation may be better explained by another condition, such as intellectual disability, ADHD, OCD, Conduct Disorder, or trauma and stress-related disorders. This careful differential diagnosis is crucial for accurate assessment and effective treatment planning. NHS England has published detailed guidelines (2023) offering further information on this process.

Professionals involved in the autism assessment process should be aware of these guidelines to ensure they are following best practices and maintaining the highest standards of care. These guidelines not only set the benchmark for multi-disciplinary team assessments but also underscore the importance of accurate differential diagnosis in autism-related evaluations.

Do I need to be research reliable?

Certain research projects require additional reliability certification for the ADOS-2. This separate process involves recording a video of you administering an ADOS-2 assessment, along with your coding data. A qualified trainer will review this video to evaluate your performance and offer targeted feedback on both the administration and coding aspects. If you need this certification, please get in touch with us for more details on how to proceed.

Obtaining this additional reliability certification can be crucial for researchers seeking to ensure the accuracy and reliability of their ADOS-2 assessments, as well as to meet specific research project requirements. By undergoing this evaluation, you can improve your skills and ensure your coding aligns with established standards, thereby enhancing the validity of your research outcomes.

Are your courses accessible for specific learning needs?

Absolutely. If you notify us what adaptations you need, she will do everything that she can to make sure that training is inclusive and accessible. Please contact us to discuss support.

How many people are on the face-to-face learning

We offer training sessions in various group sizes to accommodate different learning preferences. Our groups range from smaller ones with 6 participants to larger ones with up to 20. We understand that some people absorb information better in smaller settings, while others enjoy the energy and interaction of larger groups.

The advantage of our face-to-face training is the opportunity for direct interaction. Participants can engage with each other, ask questions, collaborate in partner or group discussions, and share their experiences

Do I need to have an ADOS-2 kit, a manual or module booklets to do the ADOS-2 training?

We will demonstrate an ADOS-2 kit and incorporate activities from the modules to show you how they are administered, but you don't need your own kit for the training itself. However, you will need access to an ADOS-2 kit if you plan to administer the assessment after completing the course, and most organizations already have these kits. The ADOS-2 kit is a critical part of maintaining standardised conditions, so it's essential to use it for accurate assessments.

Although you don't need a manual to complete the training, we recommend having one. The manual provides extensive information that complements the module forms, offering deeper insights into the assessment process. Many organisations already possess the manual, but you might consider purchasing your own copy for personal reference.

We will supply you with the necessary module forms for use during the training and for the required post-course coding exercises. This ensures you have the materials you need for a complete learning experience and to practice what you've learned.

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